Gamepad Skin Change skin for each gamepad kinds. Use Enter and Arrow keys if buggy.
Crop Values
Right 792, Bottom 456 (one pad)
(all pads)
Fade-out seconds for each fade-out level
transparency values for each level
transition time of fade-out effect
If you want to disable the effect, empty the Opacity input.
Input Assignment
Make an input after pressing the button to start assigning. Click the button again anytime to abort assigning.
Assignments are saved per gamepad kind and shared with others of the same kind.
Update Deadzone
New deadzone value will be applied at the moment of click. Click again until the sticks are not anymore appearing by their own.
If you don't use the fade-out, you might not need this option.
Export & Import
You can copy JSON of the data to save in a text file, or paste from such text file and store them in the local storage of this web page.
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